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 Artist, writer, photographer and creative coach. Original mixed media artwork, fine art prints and art products.

VIP Creative Retreat: transform your creativity and achieve great results in a luxurious one day virtual retreat

Are you ready to make huge strides in one day? Do you want to create a sacred space in which to connect with your creativity and plan your way forward?

The VIP One Day Virtual Creative Retreat is ideal if you:

  • Are tired, stressed or exhausted and need to boost your levels of self-care
  • Would benefit from the creative equivalent of an all-day spa
  • Are compelled to make progress in your creative work/play
  • Have creative dreams you have been afraid to speak of or bring into reality
  • Struggle to make progress in small chunks of time
  • Feel your creativity is always bottom of the priority list
  • Are ready to prioritise your creative work by diving deeply in
  • Would relish reconnecting with your soul and true self, aligning your internal wisdom to your creativity
  • Feel like it's so long since you created for yourself, you almost can't remember how!
  • Have an existing project you would like to make focused progress on, or would like to uncover what your next creative steps are  
  • Wonder how you can make a living from creating

There is huge power in the dedication of one, sacred day to yourself and your creativity.

The VIP One Day Virtual Retreat utilises the absolute best of my creativity and soul-work tools. The day is tailored for you, your creative strengths and what you want to focus on. It doesn't matter what medium you create in, or how you express your creativity, this day is customised to suit you. I utilise my creative coaching skills to connect with you, and they transcend artistic medium or creative occupation.

During the VIP One Day Virtual Retreat we will:

  • Set an intention for the day
  • Uncover your creative beliefs
  • Infuse your soul with creativity and connect with your creative mojo!
  • Spend time creating
  • Discover habits that will support your ongoing creativity
  • Work on an artwork/project of your choice
  • Joyfully commit to achieving your creative goals
  • Put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals
  • Learn new ways to support your ongoing creative practice

What will your life look like after a VIP One Day Virtual Retreat?

  • A sense of purpose and peace in your creativity
  • Confidence in your ability to go forward and create (and to fit it into your life)
  • Renewed enthusiasm for your existing or new-found creative project
  • You are regularly creating and making amazing progress on exciting creative projects
  • You have a plan to keep you on track
  • You can make clear choices that support your creativity
  • You are aware of your beliefs about creativity and can see when they help or hinder you
  • You use proven creative tools to sustain your progress
  • You stay inspired and motivated

Be warned! As a result of your VIP One Day Virtual Retreat you may also:

  • Set long-term goals for your creativity
  • Plan to change your life
  • Change your career or how it is structured
  • Drop unnecessary commitments or change habits of a lifetime 
  • Decide to create every single day!

What do I need to complete a VIP One Day Virtual Retreat?

All you need for us to work together are these simple things:

  • One dedicated day without interruptions, plus 30-60 minutes beforehand to complete the pre-retreat questionnaire
  • A quiet space to work where we can talk and you can create
  • Your favourite art supplies or the tools of your creative trade
  • A journal and selection of pens
  • A reliable internet connection so we can connect by Skype
  • Most importantly - an openness, hunger and excitement to enjoy a sacred creative day that is all about YOU!

The VIP One Day Virtual Retreat includes:

  • 7 hours of planned, dedicated time with Katherine Parrott (scheduled to suit our timezones)
  • A thorough pre-retreat questionnaire to determine your focus for the day
  • A pre-retreat guide to getting the most from the day
  • The VIP One Day Virtual Retreat takes place via Skype, and includes offline time to work on guided creative activities and assignments throughout the day
  • A post-retreat plan of action
  • A complimentary Skype or email check-in one week after your retreat to debrief and check your progress

If you think the VIP One Day Virtual Retreat is right for you, contact me to discuss scheduling your retreat.  I can't wait to speak with you and spend sacred creative time together!

1 Payment of US$600

Our highest purpose is to create something of meaning and worth for the world. Prioritise your creativity today, and give yourself the gift of dedicated time to bring your creativity to the fore. One day can make all the difference.  






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