Katherine Parrott

Anchors and wings

 Artist, writer, photographer and creative coach. Original mixed media artwork, fine art prints and art products.

Home sweet home

Mt Karioi at sunset from the farm.

Mt Karioi at sunset from the farm.

Did I mention I live in paradise? Hauroto Bay is near Raglan, on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. I find endless inspiration here, and so much goodness for my soul.

Raglan is a hugely creative community, and one that cares deeply about it's environment. We live in the shadow of Mount Karioi - her profile is said to resemble a sleeping lady. Other local legend says there is a strong feminine energy that abounds in Raglan stemming from the mountain. To me, she has always been a map: charting mood and weather.

Whether it is the surf beach, our west coast sunsets, the green pastures of our farm or the mountain herself, there is always something to capture my eye here, and I love finding new views and images to represent this stunning place.

I am passionate about rural life: farming is in my blood. In recent years, I have made good use of my farming background in my professional life, which somehow has only increased my passion for it: perhaps because in my modern version, working for farming off the farm is the best way I can contribute to it.

So much of who I am has been shaped by being a country kid, and the connection I have to the land runs at my core. The farm I live on at Hauroto Bay belonged to my grandparents; they built the house I live in when they were married in the 1930s.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this place, and I am deeply grateful I am lucky enough to live here. Photographing it is my way of recording my appreciation of my home: the big views and the small details. I hope that you can see the love in my work.

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