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Anchors and wings

 Artist, writer, photographer and creative coach. Original mixed media artwork, fine art prints and art products.

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I'm not the first person to say that photography is like meditation - but it really is. I love the way it slows me down, makes me focus on my breath and brings a little world of stillness between my subject and I: just for a moment. It's similar to how I feel about yoga.

Looking through the viewfinder hones my vision, makes me notice things I would otherwise miss. As a big-picture person, it has helped me see details and tiny snatches of beauty that otherwise may have passed my global brain by.

The habit of taking photographs every day has brought a viewfinder-like sense to the way I look at the world: I go about my days with a slight squint and the lurking question of 'What will be the photo of the day?' perched upon my shoulder. I am constantly looking, looking, looking with my photographer's eye.

Even though I take a lot of photographs - sometimes thousands in a month - there are still moments I regretfully whizz past with no time to stop. That would make a great photograph. I love that the practice of taking daily photographs has developed this sense in me.


Looking back on old photographs, I think I'm so glad I captured that. Tiny moments of magic that otherwise would be gone forever. Often they are quite ordinary, a few seconds in the course of everyday life, but made more precious for the noticing. Photography makes my life richer.

I did not grow up in a snap-happy family: my parents did not use a camera. I came to photography mostly through traveling: a Kiwi wanting to preserve my global travels, as so many of us do. My photography practice has been exactly that - developed through practice. I am self-taught and as in all I do, intuitive. I enjoy seeing how regularly taking photos has developed and improved my work.

As a busy working mum on the corporate treadmill, my art suffered: long hours of uninterrupted time for my art were something I found hard to come by. Photography enabled me to create every day and I learned to carry my camera everywhere I go: out on the farm; with Conor on a bike ride; to the beach.

Discovering 365's - taking a photo of your life every day for a year - was a revelation to me. Consistent, focused attention on something for an entire year is now a practice I would not wish to be without, and I have extended the 365 philosophy into other areas of my life, like consciousness, intention-setting and gratitude.

One of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my photography was that even before she had looked properly at a particular photograph, she could tell it was mine. I said I thought that was interesting, because at the time I wasn't sure I had a recognisable photographic style. She replied it wasn't so much a style she was seeing; it was my heart.

I hope you too can see my heart in my work.

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