Katherine Parrott

Anchors and wings

 Artist, writer, photographer and creative coach. Original mixed media artwork, fine art prints and art products.

Creativity Coaching: unblock your creativity and change lives by using the gifts you know you were born to bring to the world!

Does the fact you are creative ring deeply true for you? Do you wish you could bring creativity into more of what you do? Do you have ideas, visions and goals for your creativity but struggle to implement them?

Creativity coaching is for you if you:

  • Sense your creativity or forward progress is blocked
  • Love creating, but aren't getting to it - consistently, or at all
  • Are creating, but it's not what you consider your 'real' art/work
  • Spend lots of time nurturing the growth and creativity of your children, but want to scream because you aren't creating yourself
  • Are busy, tired or overwhelmed with your family and your work, but would like to fit more creativity in
  • Feel like nothing is 'feeding' you - your growth and learning are at a standstill
  • Are frustrated at your lack of creative output
  • Are afraid you might never get back to creating, or that you might lose your ability to create
  • Would like to make creativity an integral part of your work

Many years ago, I realised the difference that creativity made in my life, and how much happier, peaceful and focused it made me. It makes me need less sleep (which means I get more done), improves my moods, helps me stay calm and even stops me overeating!

When you acknowledge the importance of creativity,  you make way for so much more goodness in your life. You can achieve your art goals, do creative work, set up a business AND have the freedom and flexibility you want in a life you adore.

As a creative being you have the power to accomplish anything you choose. Anything you desire, you can create in your life.  Creativity has a habit of surprising us: and the practice of including creativity regularly in our lives yields incredible results - that often you wouldn't predict.

I am so passionate about the place of creativity in our lives that I have developed this coaching package to help other creative women realise their dreams and achieve the same magical benefits as me.

What will your life look like after Creativity Coaching?

  • A strong belief that regular creativity is possible in your life (even if right now you can't see how)
  • You are regularly creating and making amazing progress on exciting creative projects
  • You have proven techniques and habits to keep you creating in the long term
  • You will have lots of new ideas on how to fit more creativity into your daily life
  • Feel more inspired, see inspiration around you on a daily basis
  • Have a creative project in progress, and other ideas in the pipeline
  • Enjoy having more energy
  • Benefit from a greater feeling of ease and well-being
  • More gratitude and appreciation for the everyday blessings in your life

Be warned! As a result of your Creativity Coaching you may also:

  • Set lofty goals for your creativity
  • Commit to changing your life so you can fit even more creativity in
  • Create a system for selling your artwork
  • Decide to insert more creativity into your work
  • Commit to self-care by creativity: dropping unnecessary commitments to nurture yourself (also allowing you to better serve others)
  • Commit to creating every day for a year!

The 1 month Creativity Coaching package includes:

  • 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions with Katherine Parrott via Skype (1 per week)
  • Unlimited email support during the month of coaching
  • Email prompts and check-ins for inspiration, gentle guidance and accountability
  • Your personal creativity plan via a shared document to keep track of progress, make notes and outline assignments - all in one easy place!

1 Payment of US$300

The world truly needs what only you have the gifts to create. Whether that is art, writing, a business, a project for social change - anything you hold in your mind and heart - it is possible to create it.

Make your creativity and forward progress a priority today. I can't wait to work with you! Contact me to book your first session .





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