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You Can Have It All: Private Commission 2015

You Can Have It All: Private Commission 2015

Soulful, meaningful, Commission Artworks

One of my most-loved ways to create is working with clients on deeply personal private commissions. In this process, we work together to establish your vision for your piece of art, and what it will mean to you. Once this is in place, I allow my creative process to take over, and a highly symbolic, richly textured and heart-centred piece of art emerges.

The commission process become a sacred conversation between you and I: my role is to depict your dreams, desires, feelings, intentions or celebrations in a unique piece of art.  

A commission painting is ideal if you:

  • Would like original art in your home or office but are struggling to find art you can connect with
  • Have a desire, wish or goal you are manifesting and would like a symbolic piece of art to help bring it to life
  • Have an event or occasion to celebrate. Commission paintings make the most amazing wedding, anniversary, Christmas or birthday gifts
  • Would like to recognise a significant time, event or period in your life. Some of my clients have bought paintings to celebrate their recovery from illness, to mark a fresh start in their lives, to bring forward a much-longed-for child or to congratulate themselves on a wonderful achievement
  • Are looking for art that is unique and deeply personal to you and is imbued with an artist's creative interpretation and vision
  • Enjoy connecting with the artist - I love getting to know my clients! We talk about what your artwork will mean to you and in doing so, I ask you about the story of your life. This information then becomes part of the fabric of your artwork - your story is literally layered into what I create

While each commission is different, the general process I work through with clients is:

  • We connect via skype to discuss your vision for the artwork.
  • We talk about where the art will hang in your home/office, colours, size, and the meaning it will hold for you. I will ask about you, your life, your story. It is important to me to learn where you come from, where you grew up and the places that hold significance for you (I often use old maps and geographical references in my work). I will want to know what your enjoy in your life; your interests and hobbies. I care about the people who make up your world. I make notes as we talk.
  • Sometimes, clients provide images, old letters, papers, or symbols that become layered into the artwork. I have included horse racing silks, love letters, images of family, maps, family crests, favourite writings and many other symbols in my work. Clients are welcome to supply me jpeg images via email. Sometimes they end up visible in the artwork, and often they are layered within the piece - hidden but adding to it's richness and filling the art with intention
  • Once I have the brief for the artwork, I confirm the size, price and shipping costs and provide an invoice. Work commences on payment and I am able to ship worldwide.
  • I spend a lot of time 'percolating' on your information - I live and breathe your story as my creative process takes over. I research locations, find old map images. I begin to compose the mantra or text that will appear on the artwork. I research and devise the symbols I will add into the piece that are my artist's depiction of your vision.
  • Each artwork contains 6-10 layers of paint, collage and imagery. As I complete the work, I send you photographs of the work in progress. Most clients love this stage, as it is both significant and exciting to see the layers of meaning and colour as they build on the canvas. This way, you are involved in the full story of your artwork's creation. You will see all of the symbols as they are added, even when many are eventually covered by later layers. They all become part of the rich textural whole.
  • I work with archival quality materials, and finish each piece with a protective varnish, designed to preserve your original artwork for many years to come.
  • Drying time is vitally important for artwork with so many layers. Because of this, and the significant amount of consultation and research, commission pieces typically take 8 weeks to complete.
  • Once your artwork is complete, I let you know it is ready for shipping, and send it off with much love and many blessings!

Prices for commission artworks begin at US$1000 + shipping. To enquire about your unique piece of artwork, please contact me if you have any questions, or click here to set up a Skype discussion. I can't wait to hear your story of what you want your artwork to depict! Together, we will make a magical piece of art.

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