Katherine Parrott

Anchors and wings

 Artist, writer, photographer and creative coach. Original mixed media artwork, fine art prints and art products.

Detail of original artwork: Te oho mauri - Awakening life force

Detail of original artwork: Te oho mauri - Awakening life force

One of my core beliefs is that we are all creative.

My art began in quilting and textiles and has merged into mixed media: combining my love of words,  texture and images. I can guarantee that any day I have paint on my hands will be a happy day. I dye my own fabrics, liken stitching to meditation and know that when I am creating, I will need less sleep.

I make art because I have something to say, and I aim to engage people in some way: making some of the story obvious and happily leaving some for you to interpret yourself. I prefer that you take your own meaning from what I have made; that's part of the magic, but my work is many-layered - in materials and in meaning. My process is deeply thoughtful, and consequently takes a long time. I use symbols and metaphor in equal measure.

I hugely enjoy exhibiting my work (even after the time a woman next to me unwittingly and disparagingly criticised my prize-winning quilt saying the one next to it was much more worthy. Moments later her face took on a rather horrified look as I think the penny dropped. I chose not to comment on her embarrassment, but privately had a great laugh). Art is so subjective; it's all part of the richness and fun of it. One work might not be your cup of tea, but hopefully you can be open-minded enough to appreciate the effort and artistry that went into it.

I have exhibited my work throughout New Zealand and internationally, and I love that little pieces of me have traveled the globe. A friend once said that she believed her art always found it's own home, and I have believed it ever since.

My art and photography are for sale, please contact me for more information.  

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