Katherine Parrott

Anchors and wings

 Artist, writer, photographer and creative coach. Original mixed media artwork, fine art prints and art products.

On Raglan beach

On Raglan beach

Greetings. I'm Katherine

I'm a Kiwi, living in - well, paradise - near Raglan, on the west coast of New Zealand. I live in Hauroto Bay, on a farm that has been in my family since the 1930s: my son Conor is 4th generation here. The land, the ocean, and the mountain - Karioi - which we live under, is woven into my DNA. Living rurally, feeling the earth under my feet, seeing the stars at night and raising my son as a country kid are central to who I am, and the life I am creating.

Living here grounds me, giving me a steady foundation from which I can consciously create the life I dream of. With a name like Parrott, I guess I was always destined to want to fly, and as a big-picture intuitive, I always have at least one eye on the future and the huge potential that resides in people, places and things.

For as long as I can remember, I've been a creative, to the point where creativity is a core value for me. Creativity has shown its face in my life in many ways over the years: cooking, gardening, mixed media art, quiltmaking, photography and writing among them.

Writing has been a part of my life for ever: while writing my Masters thesis I found my primary school creative writing folder with a list of topics I wanted to write about. Polo was on my 8-year-old self's topic list, and 16 years later I wrote creative non-fiction stories about my family's life in polo for my Masters thesis.

Living Free

On Raglan beach.

On Raglan beach.

My life changed dramatically 8 years ago in a process I have dubbed reinvention. Reinvention brought changes to every single area of my life: parenting, family and friendships, work, finances, my and my son's home, the picture I had for how I would live out my days.

As the circumstances in my life disintegrated, I had an opportunity to consciously and deliberately reinvent my life and future: and despite the change being the most brutal experience of my life, somehow, I always held onto a determination that I would create a better life from the ashes of what remained.

Much of my professional career had been in training, organisational and personal development, so I knew that while we may not choose the circumstances of our lives, we always have a choice in how we respond to them. I was determined to respond in a way that did not make me a prisoner of the past, that created a life of freedom and of my own choosing. The last eight years have been an expression of that.

I wanted my son to have a mum he could be intensely proud of; someone who leads by example and who lives a courageous life. From the first portrait I painted of him: I will give you an anchor, even as I strive to give you wings. 

Finding Joy

Sunshine, strawberries and good times together.

Sunshine, strawberries and good times together.

I have always been a passionate learner. Along with creativity, I physically ache for forward movement, new ideas and progress. I have learned how to find my way back to joy; appreciating the beauty in every day - and purposefully looking for it when it is difficult to see.

I completed my first 365 photography project in 2011 - sharing my journey in photographs with a group of women from all over the world. As a busy working mother, photography is such an accessible way to be creative every day. Since beginning photography 365's, I have also created my own twist on the 365 concept: a Consciousness 365 - one forward step (no matter how small) towards my goals, every day for a year.

My life today is a deliberate construction of choices. I have shed work, people, places, possessions and positions that no longer serve me. I am clearer than I have ever been about what brings me joy, what feeds me, and what I think is truly important.

I have found my way back to my self, and along the way discovered or re-discovered many things that bring me joy and make me who I am. Paint on my hands; yoga; barefoot walks along our wild west coast beach. Capturing on camera the beautiful moments that exist in every day.  And genuine relationships with incredible human beings.

Anchored to the earth, in a place that helps me fly.  

Anchored to the earth, in a place that helps me fly.

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